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About Us

We hire, train and manage construction workers throught the UK.
Our History
Build Best hires, trains and manages construction worker’s skills, mainly bricklayers and general labourers. Considered as a Sub-contract Company, Build Best also supplies all associated materials, machinery and equipment for construction sector.
The labour force to build all masonry products, which includes bricks, blocks, stone and concrete. The safety rules are in accordance with the main contractor’s health and safety standards and regulations in force in the UK.
Build Best started trading in 2021, with the idea of joining the expertise of Rory Sloane with more than 30 years of experience and the demand of the construction industry in England.

Our Vision
To be seen as a reputed and prestigious company for the construction industry; being a role model of quality and sustainability; delivering affordable housing and contributing with the prosperity of the construction sector in the UK.
  • Confidence of the future
  • Safety in the Workplace
  • Eco-friendly mindset
  • Zero waste
  • Reliability
  • Family
  • Handshake
    We are members of and support the following industry institutions:

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